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The Booster Club supports and promotes the student clubs, organizations, athletic teams and other extra curricular activities of Chamberlain High School.

The Booster Club is dedicated to supporting and promoting student interest and clubs, art and music organizations, athletic teams and other extracurricular activities at the Chamberlain High School through volunteerism and financial support. Joining the Booster Club and volunteering at school events are great ways to support our students, meet other parents, and get involved in the Cubs community.

Extracurricular activities build memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Our goal is to ensure CHS has a variety of activities available to students that will spark their passions and enhance their skills. WE NEED YOU!!! By joining the Booster club, you will find a community of involved parents supporting our kids, their activities, sponsors, coaches and friends. THANK YOU! and GO Cubs!

Participating in and fostering the growth of the sports and extracurricular clubs at Chamberlain High School has never been easier, thanks to the School Booster Club. This dynamic and enthusiastic club serves as a cornerstone of support for the diverse range of activities that the school offers beyond its academic curriculum. By becoming a member of the School Booster Club, you not only show your dedication to the development of well-rounded students but also actively contribute to the vibrant spirit of the school community.

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